Eating in Thailand

and at the Hill Tribe Restaurant

* For Thai People going out for dinner is "Sanuk" and "Sanuk" means having fun. They like going to restaurants with a lot of friends, order many different dishes which they like to share - to experience a rich variety of flavours.

Soups, appetizers and main dishes are usually served at the same time so that you can fully enjoy the excellent mixture of different flavours simultaneously - in this way you can try a little bit of everything at the same time.

Thais eat their meals with a spoon. The fork is used as a knife - and chopsticks are only given with some noodle soups.

* Yes, the Thais like it spicy although there are some Thai dishes which are very mild.
A typical Thai dinner usually consists of a mixture of dishes with different flavours - spicy, mild, sour, bitter and sweet.

Ordering food at the Hill Tribe Restaurant

At the Restaurant you can order any dish according to your personal taste. Just let the staff know how you want to have it cooked.

Herbs and spices

Herbs and spices are the essential part of Thai cooking. Used in combination, they help achieve a balance of the four essential Thai tastes: salty, sour, spicy, and sweet. In addition to that they all very positively affect our health.

  • Chili - is rich in vitamin C, stimulates the appetite and cools the body
  • Ginger - helps digestion, warms the stomach, clears the sight, heats the joints, helps poor circulation and cures indigestion
  • Galangal - a close relative of ginger often used in homeopathic medicine to relieve stomachache and to stimulate digestion
  • Coriander & Cumin - have antibacterial properties and stimulate appetite and digestion. They are used to ease stomach disorders
  • Lemongrass - its juice and oil is said to be good for rheumatism, lumbago and sprains
  • Cardamom - is considered to be a stimulant that cools the body in extreme heat and aids digestion
  • Tamarind - has an antiseptic influence and helps against tummy upsets
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